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As always, Amy’s classes are well-paced and well-structured! Love her classes!
Amazing classes! AmyA is always changing the workouts making it a new challenge every time.
Best trainer and exercise classes from home! I love it! Thank you, Amy!
Amy is an amazing fitness instructor.  Her classes allow me to feel challenged and at the same time, very safe.
Amazing classes! AmyA can motivate and correct you over Zoom. I feel so good after completing her classes.  I highly recommend you try them.
Lisa W
Amy is such an incredible teacher it’s ridiculous. She not only plans each workout to be unique, effective, and fun she watches you and keeps you safe, always! I have taken countless classes online and Amy is by far the best.
Amy, I wanted to thank you for the work you do.  I am a long-time fitness enthusiast and have tried it all - gyms, PT, boot camps, marathons you name it. I have been working out with you now for over a year 4-5 days a week. Not only are the workouts killer, but I have also been INJURY FREE the whole time. I cannot thank you enough for proving that it is indeed possible to go hard and not be plagued with problems.
Lisa A
From the very first phone call I had with Amy, she took me under her wing and set me up with a schedule to hold me accountable to my goals.  That call changed my life. My mental and physical health have significantly improved, and I wake up excited to sweat with my mentor, Amy.  I LOVE literally everything about her classes and LOVE her too!!! 
Amy B
Since I started working with Amy, I am stronger now than I have been in 20 years! With her motivation, support, and guidance I can stick to a consistent schedule.
No workout is ever the same which makes them interesting and challenging.
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