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“When COVID-19 began, I was feeling extremely unmotivated and having a really hard time getting myself into any type of workout routine being home with my 3 kids 24-7.   I reached out to Amy over Instagram and we set up a phone call.  That call made a SIGNIFICANT impact on my life.  Amy took me under her wing and set up a schedule with me and holds me accountable every day.  She coaches me on and off camera!  We have bi-weekly check ins and she is keeping me on track.  My overall mood has done a 180, not to mention my mental and of course physical well-being.  I wake up excited to sweat every day and love having Amy as my mentor.  Her ZOOM classes have become a part of my daily routine.  Amy not only teaches the most amazing and extremely difficult class but she is there for you the whole way.  She makes corrections when needed, offers modifications all the time and most importantly continues to encourage all her clients throughout the entire workout.  Bringing AmyA Fitness into my daily life has truly made me a much happier person.  I LOVE literally everything about her classes and LOVE her too!!! 

Thanks Amy.  Can’t wait to continue to see changes in my body as you continue to kick my butt!”  ~ Amy 


“Amy’s Back to Basics program gave me the kick start I needed to focus on my physical health and wellbeing. Each and every session (sometimes even within a session) I felt stronger and more confident in movement and within 4 short weeks I saw noticeable change in my body. Amy’s unique strength is her knowledge of the body and her unwavering attention to helping you achieve your goals. Unlike other fitness instructors, I find Amy is approachable, encouraging (albeit challenging) but purposeful and reasonable – she solidifies herself as a true partner in your success. She pays close attention to injury and range – always offering thoughtful and customized modifications to make sure you get the right muscle group despite your limitations. Amy is a rare treasure in fitness who can beast mode with the best of them and inspire confidence in beginners.”   ~ Jordana


“Amy has been my personal trainer for the past 4 years. I met her shortly after my youngest
child turned 2. My goal when I started was to get in overall better shape and be able to keep
up with my kids. Since I have been working with Amy, I am stronger now than I have been in 20 years! With her motivation, support and guidance I am able to stick to a consistent schedule.
No workout is ever the same which makes them interesting and challenging.

Since Amy launched her on-line platform this Spring, I have been working out more than ever before.

She has made her personal training style accessible for daily workouts while still keeping time for
the one-on-one sessions that are tailored to my specific goals. Thank you, Amy for all of your
time and support over the years!”  ~ Shandi

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