Join us January 24th for your

30-Day Total Body Reset

Brought to you by Amy Aravantinos of Amy A Fitness & the incredible Cristina Tahoces of Thrive Nutrition Practice, your leading coaches in intentional movement & nourishment.

Are you:

Ready to leave 2021 behind and press the reset button?

Ready to lose fat, build muscle & dump the toxic sugar cravings?

Ready to ditch the on-the-wagon-off-the-wagon mentality & feel like YOU are in control?

If you answered yes!
Then Join us for the 30-Day Total Body Reset

In 30 days you will:

  • Gain muscle, strength & flexibility
  • Improve your cardiovascular & mental health
  • Increase energy levels & stress resilience
  • Enjoy improved gut health to support your immunity & beat the bloat
  • Take back control of your cravings
  • Leave your inner critic behind & fall in love with your inner power

We work with real women with busy lives who want results & are ready to fall in love with the power of their body & mind! Just listen to what our clients say:

“Grateful to have participated in the 30-Day Upper Body Shred Challenge with Amy A Fitness and Thrive Nutrition Practice. This challenge, and the coaches that design and lead the content are truly exceptional. This is now the second program I have participated in, and I am already looking forward to what this duo has planned for 2022. The program materials were detailed and packed full of new information, recipes, tips, and tricks. The workouts were always different, fun, challenging and scalable to all levels. Amy & Christina are passionate professionals who love what they do and are eager to guide others to success. The community they are creating with their programs is positive and supportive.

I strongly recommend Amy and Cristina if you are looking to advance your health and nutrition goals. You will be very pleased with your investment.”
“I have truly loved participating in the 30-day Tight Tushie Challenge. This program has taught me to be mindful of what I need to fuel my body. I also wake up looking forward to seeing Amy’s face and getting the encouragement to push through these workouts.

I’ve seen changes in my core that I love, and my legs and arms feel so much stronger. My tushie is more toned and firmer, too.

Thank you both so much for helping me understand the power of what our bodies can do, and showing me to love not just my body, but myself again. That part has been huge for me!"
“The 30-day Tight Tushie challenge has allowed me to focus on building both physical strength and awareness of nutrition, including gut health. I feel stronger, more energetic, and carry a positive outlook in my daily life. It’s truly been an amazing 30 days! I see greater definition in my arms, legs, abs and a tighter tushie.

The program helped me be more present during my workouts and selective in my food choices. Consuming sufficient water during the day is so important and got me through the day in between meals. Definitely less snacking and no bloating! Christina offered great guidance on food choices, supplements, and delicious recipes that were easy to prepare.

Amy, thank you for always motivating me, challenging us to do those extra few reps, push the weight, and guiding us for proper form. Love, love, love your workouts!

Thank you both for helping me achieve my best and feel stronger.”
“I have always been involved in some type of physical fitness, but somewhere between adolescence and early adulthood the "why" behind staying fit came from a punishment/ pressure mindset. I worked out to fit into that pair of jeans, to be ready for that event, to work off an indulgence or to keep up with the skinny girls. It was exhausting, and the payoff was short-lived. Eventually, I shifted my mindset and viewed fitness as a way to take care of my body and appreciate everything she can do.

Finding an expert like Amy helped me learn how to celebrate gains that don't revolve around the scale. This challenge allowed me to focus on gaining strength and confidence in what my body can do. It gave me permission to trust the process and let go of the remaining chatter inside my head about what I'm supposed to look like.

The challenge also allowed me to think about how nutrition can support these gains. I am thankful for Cristina's expertise along with her easy theory-to-practice approach. I am stronger and I have more knowledge. Thank you Amy & Cristina!”

You Get:

  • 30 days of unlimited LIVE online fitness classes focused on defining, toning & strengthening your whole body (valued at $225)
  • Meal plan & delicious nutrient-dense recipes to support fitness goals. (valued at $175)
  • 7-day winter detox protocol to reboot the gut microbiome & ditch the sugar cravings (valued at $95)
  • 2 group coaching calls with your coaches, Amy & Cristina (valued at $250)
  • Exclusive access to Cristina’s 30 min functional nutrition webinar: “I Quit Sugar…Again?: Why You Can’t Help Your Cravings & The Way Out” (valued at $75 per person)
  • Private Facebook Group for community support, accountability, insider tips & weekly guided meditations. (valued at $125)
  • A sisterhood of like-minded women who are DONE with body shame & want to fall in love with the power of their body (priceless!)

Total value of $945

But you get it for $349+HST

PROGRAM RUNS: January 24 TO February 25, 2022

Share this with ALL the awesome women in your life! Can’t wait to get started! This is one program you don’t want to miss!!!


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